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Simple mail server with Openbsd and opensmtpd

OpenSMTPD is a mail daemon currently developed by Gilles Chehade (gilles@), Pierre-Yves Ritschard (pyr@), Jacek Masiulaniec (jacekm@) and many others for the OpenBSD operating system.  OpenSMTPD  is still in development and it’s not ready for production use. It’s work fine on my private mail server, for over a 10 months.
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Snort IDS on Openbsd

Short guide how to install Snort on Openbsd current (should work on Openbsd 4.9)

Аll credits for this guide goes to Randal T. Rioux

However my setup is a little bit different in snort compilation and command line for starting.

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Mysqldump and GD+freetype support in Openbsd’s apache chroot jail

Guide how to make mysqldump (database dump) and GD library with  freetype  support (needed for generation of CAPCHA)work in apache chroot jail. In this example we’ll use Openbsd 4.9.

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